Get started with DaSCR-Machine, your very own softdart machine

You ready for some soft dart goodness?

What is it?

DaSCR-Machine is an Arduino based soft dart machine sending your score to DaSCR-Board as a score tracking app. The software components are written in C++ on the Arduino side and the service communicating with the scoreboard is written in go.

Why do I want it?

You are tired of cheap soft dart boards breaking after a few weaks intensive game play? You want a machine like a “Löwen Dart HB8” but not wanna pay 1500 bugs for it? So this one might be for you.

  • What is it good for?: DaSCR-Machine is a cool project to work on in your spare time. It will give you a fully fledged darts machine in high quality when succeeding.

  • What is it not good for?: I did not and will not add display, segment display or such to this software. As it is open source you are very welcome to implement it yourself.

Where should I go next?

  • Hardware: Get started with DaSCR-Machine