Learn how to use it in production

Choose from an option and deploy


You can either deploy it using Docker or you do it by hand. As you may already have built the project following the getting started instructions you can also do it by hand.

Example Environment

The two described options docker and manual will be using an example environment you can relate to.

The environment will be described in this section.

Consider a root server running Debian hosted by a provider online. You have root access to it via ssh and you have a domain pointing towards the public IP of this root server. Let’s assume the domain you own is

❯ host has address

patrick@ssh-dascr-org ❯ pwd

You already at least have the prerequirements setup and cloned the code to disk on this root server.

Now you might wanna look at one or both of the deployment options then.

Docker Deployment

How to use docker do deploy it

Manual Deployment

How to build and autostart DaSCR-Board using systemd

Webserver setup

How to use caddy2 to serve the frontend UI