Docker Deployment

How to use docker do deploy it

Instead of building everything by hand like described in the getting started guide you can also use docker.


There are two Dockerfiles, one in the root of the directory and one in the frontend directory. Those will build two independant docker images you can run like this:

docker build . -t dascr-board-backend
docker build ./frontend -t dascr-board-frontend

Running it

When running you need to be sure to let them run in the same network and to expose the corresponding ports (5000 - frontend, 8000 - backend) to be able to use the container.


As there is a docker-compose.yml in the root folder you can do all of this by just issuing:

docker network create dascr
docker-compose up

What’s next?

When running the container successfully you can continue with webserver setup.

  • Caddy2: You might wanna continue setting up caddy2 server to serve the frontend UI