Build the case

Now you need to use your tools

This instructions will be devided into different steps.

Use the menu to go throught the process of building the case.

Step 1 - Segment section

Build the segment section with spider

Step 2 - Matrix Section

Build the matrix section

Step 3 - Back panel and unit alignment

Build the back panel and align the unit on it

Step 4 - The door

Build the door

Step 5 - Side panels

Build the side panels

Step 6 - Painting the case

I see a red door, and I want it painted black sings

Step 7 - Segments and piezo sensors

Finish the unit by adding rest of segments and the piezo sensors

Step 8 - Fitting electronics

Install the electronics

Step 9 - Cable management

Run all the cables through the cabinet

Step 10 - Door with lock

Lock the door!

Step 11 - LED strip

And we said, Let there be light: and there was light.

Step 12 - Applying numbers

Stick the self adhesive numbers to the door

Step 13 - Finish PCB

Solder connectors in place