Step 2 - Matrix Section

Build the matrix section

The matrix section is made of plywood and is 520mm X 520mm x 18mm.

Matrix section
Board for matrix section

You need to measure the exact middle of the board and then you draw a cross like in the picture. Although the matrix has a paper on its sticky side you should be able to see through an perfectly align the matrix. Also for orientation you might want to use the pressure points of the matrix.

Matrix section
Matrix is aligned and fixated with sticky tape

At this point you do not yet stick the matrix to the board using its sticky back. You better fit the segment section to the matrix section now and test the function.

If that is the case you mark the position of the matrix with a sharpie or pencil on the board, then remove the protective paper from the sticky side of the matrix and then apply it to the board in the marked position. Again, be aware of the marked position and perfectly align the matrix again.

Matrix section
Finished unit

Finally you can screw the segment section to the matrix section. Be sure not to screw through any traces of the matrix below.

The unit is now finished. Continue with aligning the unit on the back panel.