Page Overview

What pages are there?


  • Setup a player at /player
  • Start a game at /<your-game-id>/game
  • Point the scoreboard browser to /<your-game-id>/scoreboard
  • Point the browser you want to add in throws with to /<your-game-id>/controller
  • Enjoy

The pages

There are different pages you can navigate to when using DaSCR-Board. After setting up your players you will only be needing to navigate to two pages, though. Here is an overview of the different pages one can go to:

  • General Index
  • Player Management
  • Game Index
  • Game Setup and Start
  • Scoreboard
  • Controller

Choose the page you want to learn about in the navigation menu on the left.

For the ease of writing I will refer to the pages with url paths and ommiting the part http://localhost:8000.